2004: Shanghai was ever called as ¡° Fareast Ever Bright City ¡±.

As early as Edison invented incandescent lamp in 1879, the electric lights were shinning in Shanghai within three years after then. Up to 1930¡¯s, there were neon lights in Nanjing Road of Shanghai. Along with improving continually the city modernization level of Shanghai, there are more and more requests for the scene constructions on showing city images, especially in the request of city environment on spaces, which trends towards more high standards and levels. At this time, the city environment is carried out --- ¡° Day is scene, night is light¡±, which became the external requests of scenes lighting construction of Shanghai city. We look back the large-scale construction history of Shanghai city¡¯s scenes lighting over 10 years, it can be divided roughly into three stages as following:
* From 1989 to 1992 is the beginning stage of establishment;
* From 1993 to 1996 is the expanding and developing stage;
* From 1997 to 2000 is the stage of full development.
Through the above three stages of development progress, Shanghai city¡¯s scenes lighting is from¡± lighten ¡° to ¡°beautified ¡°, from ¡° quantity type¡± to ¡° quality type¡± , from the decentralized construction to the integrated advance on planning, from using general light sources to melting new technology ways, which realized the full development of high quality from ¡° spots¡± to ¡°lines¡± to ¡°sides¡±. With the new century coming, it is developing toward high culture ranks and style fashions for Shanghai city¡¯s scenes lighting, so it is increasingly improved for the demand of lighting. With the development of new light sources, it is more important for the request of controlling and saving energy, so it is increasingly high for the demand of designing lighting. In Shanghai, it is modern and bright for the main stream of its architectures art lighting. The shinning lights are trundling and twinkling along with the huge wave of China¡¯s Reformation, which shows the advancement, jump and glory in the politic, economy, culture, science and technology of our city. Shanghai is an international metropolis which is required to be the top rank of ages for its buildings lighting of Shanghai city being frequent international communications. A resplendent lighting, various styles and modern management requires city buildings lighting.